Little Timbers is a private tutoring service focused on individual and small-group learning using a multi-sensory approach. Little Timbers offers services for children Pre-K through 8th grade in all academic areas and social-emotional growth.


Our Beginning


Little Timbers took off when teacher and learning specialist, Carly Schulman, saw the need for her students to have more individualized, focused learning outside of the classroom. When it comes to learning, Carly believes that every child learns differently.


“I tried everything to get my son to read. Carly made learning so fun, he couldn't put his book down.  Jake was excited every week to see Carly for reading support.  She changed our sons life, as well as ours.”



Little Timbers uses a mix of traditional and non-traditional approaches to teaching, building upon students' coursework in areas such as reading and math fluency, as well as skills outside of core curriculum such as time management, organization, and pattern recognition. 

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“Ms. Schulman is the best teacher ever. She was was my favorite person in the whole school. She understood me and saw me as a person. She helped me so much with all of my classes. I wish she was my teacher every year.”