Little Timbers offers individual and group sessions across seven core program areas.

Little Timbers program offers support in the following areas: Reading, Math, Executive Functioning, Writing/Spelling, Enrichment, Homework Support, Social/Emotional Support.  We will co-create your child's program to ensure we are targeting their specific needs.  


Core Program Areas:



  • Beginning phonics

  • Reading fluency (expression, speed, and accuracy)

  • Sight word recognition

  • Reading comprehension (predicting, inferencing, sequencing events, small details, main idea, evaluating text, comparing and contrasting, and cause and effect)

  • Orton-Gillingham approach


  • Math readiness

  • Number sense

  • 1:1 correspondence

  • Computation

  • Conceptual learning

Executive Functioning

  • Organization

  • Systems set-up

  • Visual checklists

  • Assistive technology

  • Time management


  • Written language

  • Structural support

  • Grammar

  • Spelling patterns

  • Creative writing

  • Graphic organizers/brainstorms

  • Editing process


  • Create units based on interest

  • Reading and comprehension activities

  • Vocabulary building

  • Math concepts and computation

Homework Support

  • Direct support

  • Guidance

  • Independent structured time

  • Study support

Social/Emotional Support

  • Yoga/movement

  • Art play

  • Music play

  • Language based games and activities