Metro Detroit

To ensure that each child reaches their full potential, we recommend 1-2 times per week for all instructional programs (individual and group).



Individual Instruction (1:1)

Your child’s specific needs will be assessed and targeted based on screenings, observations, and parent/teacher communication.  Each child will have a Learning Profile with specific goals that will be measured through progress monitoring.


instruction length/price

  • 60 minutes/$80 per child

  • 45 minutes/$70 per child

  • 30 minutes/$60 per child


An intake form and an initial screening for each child must be completed prior to beginning any individualized program for a $250 one time fee.

Group Instruction (2:1 or 3:1)

Your child will work alongside others as they build confidence and social skills in a small work environment.  Your child will have a target area based on the needs of the group which will be administered through various mediums such as poetry, short plays, math games, creative writing and more!



  • 60 minutes/$60 per child

  • 45 minutes/$50 per child

Educational Consulting

We will work with your family and school to help find the best plan for your child both inside and outside of the school setting.  We will attend IEP and 504 meetings to help advocate for your child’s needs and make sure they’re getting the proper services.  In addition, we do in school observations to help guide families with what outside providers may be useful in their development.  



  • 60 minutes/$100

Reading and Math Screening

We do screenings to help guide you to the next steps in your child's education.  The screenings will provide you with information on areas of strengths and needs as well as a written summary of our findings and recommendations/accommodations that will help support their learning.



  • 60 minutes/$100